K9SPORTS  welcomes you to our website!  We have a wide variety of equipment in stock such as jumps, weave poles, tunnels and more! We work hard to find the best materials at the lowest prices to make it affordable for everyone to have fun and succeed at dog sports that are sweeping North America!!  


November 25 & 26 Trial Premium


Upcoming Trials

March 9-11, 2007


Proposed dates

April 21,22, 2007

August 11,12, 2007

October 13,14, 2007


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Updated September 15, 2006



We carry  full selection of both backyard "practice"  AND "competition" quality obstacles. 

All equipment is made to AAC standards. Other standards on request (NADAC, USDAA, NADAC, AKC, CKC etc.). Many standards are similar so the equipment is ready for use in which ever association you compete. If you are unsure please contact us we will be happy to tell you if the piece you are interested in is built to the proper standard.



Located in Ayr, Ontario, CANADA just 10 minutes outside Kitchener. We are located one hour west of Toronto, Ontario and one hour east of London. Only a short drive from partner, Ottawa General Contractors.

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